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Preventive Measures

1. Teachers 

All our teachers have been in Hong Kong since the beginning of December 2019. Masks will be worn by our teachers and staff at all times.


2. Students

Students who attend class during the coronavirus period must wear a mask at all times (Free masks will be provided for any student without a mask for the first two times).


Before entering the classroom:

- Hands and shoes will be sanitized

- Temperature will be taken at the beginning of class

- Each student will be seated individually to provide a safer distance from one another. 


During this crucial period, any students who have close contact with people that have recently returned to Hong Kong from other countries will be asked to come to class 21 days after such contact is made. 


If any student having any flu-like symptoms or fever is feeling unwell, they are strongly advised to stay home to keep social distancing and seek medical help.   

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