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Our teachers have a master’s degree in Education with years of experience in teaching. It’s our aim to show students the joy of learning and to present to them the excitement of understanding a new theory.


We keep our class size small (1:4) so children will receive more feedback and individual attention from teachers and accordingly will have more opportunities to shine.

Getting into the desired school is only part of the goal in this course. Enrolled Children will learn to adopt proper etiquette towards teachers and peers. Our teachers will take individual attention as their prime concern and impart to students the appropriate decorum within an interview setting.

Schools that we have helped students to get into in 2016:

Local School

    - St. Paul Co. Ed.    

    - DGS        

    - St. Stephen

International School
    - Chinese International School    

    - Canadian International School

    - Singapore International School    

    - GSIS, ISF, ESF...

Interview Preparation

Age 2 - 5

Our teachers have revised part of the Letterland Phonics curriculum to further improve the learning experiences for students in Hong Kong, which helps them to become confident and avid readers. Children in the beginning level will love to sound out words they see everywhere while higher level students enjoy reading more.

+ Develop a joyful reading habit

+ To become confident & avid readers

+ Native speakers

Phonics & Vocabulary

Age 2 - 7

This course helps children to understand the logic behind Maths and be able to integrate it into daily life. This course uses the essences of Singapore Math which are ideal for children to learn arithmetic and cultivate critical thinking as they could visualize learning components. Children will NOT be forced to do homework and memorize facts. But rather find math fun again. Understanding the logic also helps students to CHECK if their answers are correct and logically correct.

+ Acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life

+ Develop the mathematical thinking and problem solving skills

+ Nurture and adopt more positive attitudes towards mathematics

+ Enhance the abilities to reason logically

Mental Math & Word Problems

Age 3 - 14

This course helps children to greatly improve the creative aspect of writing. Students will learn to use vivid details and colourful words, to bring to life objects, people, places and events they encounter instead of relating them merely what they see. A stronger grammar ground work enables learners to speak more proficiently and confidingly.

+ learn to use vivid details and colorful words, to bring to life objects, places and      events they encounter

+ Become analytical and receptive readers

+ Sound knowledge of grammar allows for better skills at speaking

Age 5 - 16

Grammar & Writing

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